Healthcare Services

One-Time Clinic Fee - $150

Includes New Patient appointment and Consultation with Treatment Plan

Established Patient Office Visit - $50

Well visit, prescription refill, lab request and follow up (not hormones)

Telehealth Well/Sick Visit - $50
(If not a current patient the office visit will apply to your one-time clinic fee in the future)

Physicals - School/Sport - $35

DOT Physicals - $180

Vitamin D Injection - $25

50,000 IU (BUY 4 GET ONE FREE)

Lipo Injection (Skinny Shot) - $45

B12, B Complex, Amino Acids – $400 Package of 10

Tri-Immune Injection - $25

Vitamin C, Zinc, Glutathione  (BUY 4 GET ONE FREE)

Bioenergetic Scanning - $100 Full Body Scan

75-90 minute visit, includes review of scan, emailed results
25% off 2nd Scan if paid at time of 1st Scan (BUY 3 GET ONE FREE)

Bioenergetic Scanning - $25 Emotions Only

15 minute visit (BUY 3 GET ONE FREE)

Prolozone - Starting at $75

Trigger Point Injections for 1 Area, $100 for 2 Areas.  Natural pain relief.  Normal to experience feeling great instantly. Increases range of motion as well.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) - $600/Area (Muscle)

25% Off 2nd Area
$300 Take-Home PRP for wound/skincare
BPC-157 Peptide – $35 Area ($350 per vial if brought home for 10 treatments) – muscle recovery, gut health, heals tendons, ligaments, nerves

*All Prices Subject to Change*

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