Bio Energetic Scanning - $100

Energetic scanning of the frequencies in your body through a bone conductor that simply goes over your ears like a headphone. Non invasive. This provides me with the root cause for your optimal healing.  


Bioenergetic Scanning (Emotions) - $25

Emotional scanning- gives you individualized balancing neuro therapy harmonics that will provide you comfort and balance your emotions. Can do over the phone as well!

Vitamin injections - Starting at $25 - 15 min

Vitamin D injections, Tri-Immune (glutathione/Vit C/Zinc) and Lipo-Mino Mix aka Skinny shot (B12, B complex, amino acids, L-carnitine). Please bring prior bloodwork if you have it to ensure you have the proper dose for optimal vitamin levels in your body. Side effects: energy, immunity, good mood, weight loss, stronger bones and low cholesterol. All natural!.

IV Nutrition Therapy - Starting at $149 - 45 minutes and up

Men's Health - $150 per hour

Per consult – every 3 months for the first year, then every 6 months if stable the following years.

Sports Physical - $35 - 30 min

Most same day appointments available. Excluding EKG

Wound Care/Beauty - $300 - 1 hour

Using your own body’s PRP (platelet rich plasma) to make your skin vibrant.  Give your skin the right skin care by using your own stem cells to promote collagen and overall glow.  PRP will also promote quick wound healing from any type of wound or infection..

Natural Pain Management - Starting at $600 - 2 hours

Must have consult prior to treatment for platelet rich plasma (PRP). Your body has the power to heal itself! PRP prevents unnecessary use of opioid and prevents unnecessary surgery. 1/2 off 2nd area

Prolozone (lidocaine/saline and ozone). Give your muscles, joints, tendons, and cartilage the oxygen it needs to heal itself. Ozone promotes the body’s natural healing response.  It can safely be used anywhere to decrease inflammation and relax and muscle quickly without any use of medications.  

School Physical - $30 - 30 min

DOT Physical - $180 - 45 minutes

Bring the prior years papers with you to appointment and current papers filled out from DOT website. Can supply in office as well if needed.

BPC-157 Peptides - $35

Natural pain reliever injection. Gut health.  Improve joint health.  Reduce inflammation.  Relieves pain.  Recover from joint, tendon, nerve, muscle or ligament injuries quickly.  Promotes wound healing.  

Established Patient Visit - $50 - 30 min

New Patient Visit - $150 - 1 hour, 15 min

Includes one time clinic fee, new patient appointment/consult, treatment plan.

*All Prices Subject to Change*

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