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Ozone Therapy

Who doesn’t love science!  Ozone is a gas, gas works and QUICKLY!!!  Ozone is 4500 times more potent than chlorine and can be put anywhere in the body, just no breathing it in.  It is a medical treatment that involves the use of medical-grade ozone gas. This gas is a form of oxygen that has three atoms instead of two, which makes it more reactive. Ozone therapy is thought to have a range of therapeutic benefits, most notably in terms of immune system and oxidative stress. Some studies suggest that ozone therapy can help with natural pain management, detoxing, losing weight  and wound healing. The treatment can be adminstered in a variety of ways, including intravenous injection, insufflation, and topical application.

Bioenergetic Scanning

The AO Scan Digital Body Analyzer is a combination of technology from Russia, Germany, Spain, Asia, and the USA. Most if not all this technology is based on the works of Nikola Tesla, Dr. Royal Rife, Albert Einstein and others that theorized everything physical at its most fundamental level is actually energy frequency. Biophysicists in Germany and Russia pioneered the work of identifying specific frequencies in the human body and compiled a database of more than 120,000 different frequencies. These frequencies are the same in every person.

Medical researchers in Germany believe that the health of an organ, tissue, system or cell structure within the body can be identified by passing micro current frequencies through the body and measuring the current’s resistance.

PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma)

2 reasons for PRP- #! Avoid unnecessary surgery.  #2 Avoid unnecessary pain medications to include opioids.

PRP is a medical treatment derived from your own blood. The PRP is obtained by separating the platelets, which contain growth factors and other proteins, from other components of the blood such as red blood cells and plasma. Once the platelets have been concentrated in a double spin protocol, the resulting solution is then injected or applied to the patient’s area of injury or inflammation.  I give you the best of your best to heal you quickly.  I have been certified since 2019 and have had great success in all areas of the body.  

PRP has been used in a variety of medical applications, including sports medicine, orthopedics and dermatology. 


In addition to its use in managing diabetes, Semaglutide has been approved by the FDA as a weight loss medication. When used as part of a larger treatment plan that typically includes a healthy diet and regular exercise, Semaglutide has been shown to effectively manage blood sugar levels and reduce the risk of complications associated with type-2 diabetes.

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